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About Gold Coast Collection Services

Gold Coast Collection Services is not just a debt collection agency, but also a credit control agency that renders service in all of Queensland.

They offers no solicitors fees, no commissions (up to $2,500), credit control system, terms of trade & credit applications supplied.

Helping all businesses in Queensland – if you have slow payers and bad debtors then we can help you as we have a unique credit control system with up to 92% to 96% success rate.

We do not charge solicitors fees or commissions on debts up to $2500. We can cover any outstanding debts and slow payers going back 6 years that you may have written off and we can cover you for any you may get in the next 12 months.


Alan Neal is the general manager of Gold Coast Collection Services and has been in the debt collection and credit control business for over 40 years.

He lived in Victoria and in 1975 Alan started Ringrose Credit Control and in 1979 Ringrose Investigation Agency. In December 1989 he opened Gold Coast Collection Services in Queensland and has been assisting Queensland businesses ever since.

Alan Neal also worked with the Government backed Bridging the Gap, an agency that assisted people starting a new business. Alan’s job was to teach them how to extend credit safely and prevent bad debts.
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Advantages of using Gold Coast Collection Services

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On our letterhead, we will supply you a professionally worded three stage Credit Control System. These letters will be sent out by us on your behalf, every 7 days, and will have your business name and details printed on them free of charge.

Third Party Involvement

Increases your success rate of collections. They know you, but they don’t know Gold Coast Collection Services.

Promotes Customer Relations

Having a third party involved protects your customer relationship. We become the bad guy chasing money – not you

92%-96% Success Rate

Most clients receive a very high success rate and the reason is we guarantee all letters are sent 7 days apart. We will attempt to collect within three weeks giving you a greater cash flow.

Progress Reports Supplied

Gold Coast Collection Services will supply you with weekly reports so you are aware with the progress being made.
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