Frequently Asked Questions

How Gold Coast Collection Services will be a great asset to your business?

Gold Coast Collection Services will be a great asset to your business and will help in dramatically increasing your profits and your cash flow. By educating your customers to pay on time (in an inoffensive manner) you will dramatically reduce your slow payers and bad debtors as we are the best debt and bill collectors here in Gold Coast.

Gold Coast Collection Services will supply your business with a personalised credit control system, which we will send out on your behalf every seven days. By us chasing your slow payers this frees you up to continue running your business. You will also receive a weekly updated report.

How to extend credit safely?

We can show you how to extend credit safely, foster good relations with your customers, speed up slow payers and prevent bad debts in an inoffensive manner and increase your cash flow.

We can also show you how you can legally charge accounting fees on all overdue accounts, charge commissions to your debtors and much more.

What is Gold Coast Collection Services?

Gold Coast Collection Services is a credit control agency compared to the standard debt collection agencies. Yes we collect your outstanding debts the same as debt collection agencies and solicitors but we work with you to help prevent future debtors by speeding up your slow payers, thus increasing your cash flow, which in turn dramatically reduces your overdue debtors
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